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Sunday Morning Love You

"Sunday Morning Love You," released September 2020 speaks to the heart about a kind of love we all want to have. “ ‘Sunday Morning Love You’ is a feel-good song about a love that is more than just a Saturday night. A Sunday morning love is that person you trust with your heart, can be silly around, and feel 100% comfortable with,” says Verhaalen. “After being known for writing mainly funny, rowdy, and heartbreak songs, I am excited to finally be able to show my softer side by releasing my very first love song!”

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Hailey Verhaalen  -  Sunday Morning Love
Hailey Verhaalen #haileyverhaalen

Someday When This is Over

 “Someday When This is Over,” released in May 2020, shows off Hailey's sentimental side – which she said would be a trend with her next several singles. “The scary times we’re living in have been weighing on us all, and I had finally gotten to my breaking point emotionally - in moments like that, I always turn to music to heal. I wanted to remind everyone, including myself, that we WILL get through this together, and we have to stay strong for those around us, especially the younger generations.”

Hailey Verhaalen The Real Stuff

The Real Stuff EP

Hailey's 2018 EP ‘The Real Stuff’ peaked at  #9 on the iTunes Country Music Chart and received praise for its honesty with which it approached topics across the board from love and heartbreak to “ballin’ on a budget’ and loving every minute of it. "This EP shows a lot of different sides of me, and I am proud of its array of humor,  honesty and raw emotion"

Hailey Verhaalen Christmas Single - Single and Ready to Jingle

Single and Ready to Jingle EP

Hailey's first Christmas release was 2-pack "Single and Ready to Jingle". It was released in December 2018 and included the classic "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas", and her first original Christmas song "Single and Ready To Jingle"- which was another humorous tune Hailey came up with on her bedroom floor. " I had always wanted to release a Christmas song, and I immediately  fell in love with it the second I wrote it! Santa sure delivered that year; I met my fiancé the month after this release in January 2019!"

Hailey Verhaalen - Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out


How I Make a Livin'

September 2021


Hailey's new "feel good" song "How I Make a Livin' " speaks to Hailey's belief that money can't buy happiness, but making memories can. "I love a good feel good song, and this one made me so happy to write, and it makes me so happy to listen to! I can only hope my listeners can relate to the belief that as long as we are gifted another day each morning, we might as well make it worth remembering - especially if it means appreciating and enjoying the little things a little more than yesterday!"